Track & Field


  1. Only athletes competing in their respective club colours will count for any team competition.
  2. Athletes entering for an event and failing to report, without prior warning or a medical certificate will be liable to a fine of R30. In addition, depending on the competition, points may be deducted from their club.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, where a programme for a meeting provides for heats and finals, if there are no heats the final will take place at the time and date set aside for the final.
  4. Athletes must report to the competition area 15 min before the advertised starting time of their event and remain in the vicinity unless advised otherwise by the officials. Where there are several heats, athletes must report 15 min before the FIRST heat, otherwise they will be regarded as a no-show and will not be allowed to compete.
  5. In any middle distance event (i.e. 1500m and longer), any athlete who uses an event as a time trial (ie enters for an event longer than the distance which she or he intends to complete), without informing the starter and the other athletes prior to the start of that event shall be liable to a fine of up to R500 and possible suspension from other middle distance events for no longer than six WPA track & field meetings. In the event of such behavior during an interclub meeting, any points earned by that athlete during that meeting will be forfeited and that athlete may be barred from taking part further in the meeting.
  6. WPA is NOT responsible for providing safety pins.


  1. Athletes, who wish to be selected for the teams, must compete actively at WPA meetings during the 2016 domestic season, as all performances at these meetings will be taken into account by the selectors.
  2. It is compulsory for all athletes wishing to be selected for the Sub-Youth ( u16) , Youth (u18) Junior (u20) or U23 teams, to compete at the WPA Sub-Youth, Youth and Junior Track and Field Championships to be held on 3 , 4 & 5th March 2016 and for the Senior team to compete at the WPA Senior Track and Field Championships on 17, 18 & 19 March 2016. At the Championships, athletes must compete in the event(s) for which they want to be selected.
  3. Should an athlete be unable to compete at the WP Championships, but wishes to be considered for selection, she or he must inform the selectors immediately, in writing, giving reasons, (and where necessary enclose copies of medical documentation), along with full contact details, and coach contact details prior to the Championships.
  4. Only athletes who are members of WPA clubs and who possess a 2016 license may be selected for WPA teams.
  5. In terms of ASA rules only South African citizens may compete at the national championships and therefore be selected for WPA teams for those championships.
  6. Athletes competing in the multi-events (decathlon, heptathlon and pentathlon) must note that the provincial championship for the multi-events take place on 17 & 18 and 19th March 2016.
  7. Athletes born in 2001 or 2002 will be eligible to be selected for the under 16 age group (Sub-Youth)
  8. Athletes born in 1999 or 2000 will be eligible to be selected for the under 18 age group (Youth)
  9. Athletes born in 1997 or 1998 will be eligible to be selected for the under 20 age group (Junior). Athletes born in 1994, 1995 or 1996 will be eligible to be selected for the under 23 age group.
  10. The teams will be announced after the end of the relevant championships and athletes who believe they have a chance of selection are to be present when the teams are announced.
  11. Only performances set after 1 January 2016 will be taken into account in selecting teams.
  12. Standards have been set based on national and provincial standards, which should serve as a guideline to athletes. It must be stressed that, subject to 13 below are minimum standards and that the attainment of these standards will not mean automatic selection. It is unlikely, although not impossible, that an athlete who has not achieved these standards may be chosen to represent Western Province.
  13. Any athlete who achieves the selection standard AND wins the Western Province title in that event shall automatically be selected for that event.
  14. A maximum of 3 athletes per event will be selected, unless there are exceptional circumstances.


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2016 - 2017 Commission Members

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  Mr Stephen Daniels
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  Ms Adri Jordaan
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