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Club Resources

Licensing Form 2016
ASA Instruction to Register Online
ASA Instructions to Club Administrators
Anti-Doping Rules 2015
Application for Exemption from Income Tax
Public Benefit Organisations Written Undertaking
Income Tax Exception Recreations Clubs
Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisation
WPA Athletes with a Disability Information Form
Race Organizers Manual 2013
WPA Fun Run Code of Conduct 2016


2015 - Events Application Guideline Requirements and Planning
2015 - Events Permit Application Forms
2015 - Events Permit SAPS Ver 6 Application Sect 6(3) Form
Procedures for constituting new clubs
Sample Constitution of an Athletics Club
2016 WPA constitution
WPA Domestic Rules (Dec 2015)
Application for exemption from Income Tax
Public Benefit Organisation Written Undertaking
Tax Exemption Guide for Public Benefit Organisations
Public Benefit Organisations
Club information update form
WPA Facebook Policy
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