Run Clean and help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment
September 2, 2019  

Supplied by wpa2015 Administrator from wpa2015

Running seems like an environmentally friendly sport as you’re just using your two legs to get from point A to point B, but one’s actions during runs can have a devastating impact on the carbon impact on the environment.

Your carbon impact is the sum of all emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide), which are induced by your activities in a given time frame.

These actions can also include runners not disposing of their waste properly while running.

Please consider the environment and take action – While races are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, runners can also do their part.

Here are a few ideas on being an eco-friendly runner and some actions that can assist with running clean.


  • Please DO NOT LITTER by just dropping your water / energy sachet/s on the road or on the pavement.
  • Please take care where you dispose of the corner stub of the water sachet.
  • WPA events are supported by Kohlerbox, who provide boxes where one can put their litter in. Please be on the look-out for one and dispose of your sachet in the Kohlerbox provided or carry the sachet till you can throw it away.
  • Ditch single-use bottles in favour of reusable ones.
  • Buy bulk packages of sports drinks or powdered mix to reduce plastic bottles.
  • Recycle used running shoes.
  • Recycle or donate old running clothes.
  • Buy gear that is recyclable or made with recycled materials.
  • These seem like small steps, but when you think about the tens of thousands of people that can compete in a single race it can make a big difference.