2017 ASA Licenses
February 20, 2017  

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18 FEBRUARY 2017



The WPA Board has had sight of communications from some clubs advising their members to respond in a particular way to the current licence bib and sponsor debacle.

WPA respects the rights of each and every member to act according to their convictions, and confirms that the matter is receiving attention at the highest level. Our President, Lester Cameron, has been in contact with the ASA President, Aleck Skhosana, and has communicated unambiguously, the views of our Province and its members. WPA has been assured that the matter is being dealt with as a matter of urgency and a resolution is being sought.

With this in mind, the WPA Board, has directed its Technical Officials to act with the utmost restraint in all forthcoming events, and so, likewise we call on all members to act with the similar restraint and decorum.

WPA remains resolute in seeking an amicable solution to the current challenge and will communicate this in due course.

Issued on behalf of the WPA Board
18 February 2017