Old Mutual 10km
October 30, 2015  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015

30 OCTOBER 2015




Dear Chairperson / Secretary


WPA notes with regret the alleged irregularities reported at Wednesday’s Old Mutual 10km road race in Pinelands.


The WPA Board has instructed the Road Running Commission that upon receipt of the Chief Referees report they launch an enquiry into the event. The primary purpose of this enquiry is not necessarily to institute a witch hunt or to vigorously apportion blame but it would be to improve our understanding of the challenges facing clubs when organising road races.


Our events, particularly our road running events, have shown significant growth over the last years which we believe contributes significantly to the challenges we face. WPA, through the medium of our clubs, hosted 100 road running events in 2014 with a total of over 90 000 licensed and over 45 000 temporary runners participating in these events. WPA salutes the many volunteers who, mostly without remuneration and based exclusively on passion and commitment, continue to undertake the thankless task of organising these events.


We will draw learnings from this enquiry so that we are continually guided to improve our support and service offered to the many organising clubs and races.


Furthermore we acknowledge the many constructive comments received through our various communication platforms and wish to assure our membership and others that improving our events remains one of our core business responsibilities.


I shall endeavor to report back to you on receipt of the enquiry findings.


With kind regards


WPA Board