SSISA Wellness and Fitness Convention - Early bird registration closes in 3 days so register now: Part futurologist, part philosopher Andy Miah secured as international presenter
October 29, 2015  

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Only days to go until the early bird registration for the SSISA Wellness and Fitness Convention closes. Register today and hear from our highly esteemed international presenters.  After securing Professor Aaron Coutts (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia) and Dr Sean Cumming (University of Bath, UK), we are excited to announce two more international presenters.



Professor Andy Miah, is Chair in Science Communication & Future Media, in the School of Environment & Life Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester. His research focuses on social, ethical, and legal questions concerning the use of technology, from biotechnology to digital innovation.

“Andy Miah is no ordinary academic. Part futurologist, part philosopher, his work on the science of sport grew to encompass bioethics, medical law and now covers all aspects of the way technology impacts on human beings” The Scotsman


Professor Adrian Bauman is a world-leading public health researcher who has for over 30 years, studied chronic disease prevention and the development and assessment of prevention research methods. He is co-Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity. Professor Bauman has worked extensively in the fields of physical activity, obesity, smoking and cardiovascular disease prevention as well as other areas relating to health promotion and prevention science. Professor Bauman has made many major contributions to prevention science. He was instrumental in identifying the health benefits of moderate physical activity and reduced sitting time. His research also has demonstrated the need for cross-sectoral involvement from areas outside of health in physical activity promotion programs, including diverse sectors such as sports, transport and urban planning to achieve better outcomes.


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Last chance to register for our early bird rates at First early bird registration closes 31st October 2015

CPD Accredited event.



Event Information:

When:      17 – 19 February 2016

Where:     Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa



Full Convention (Inc Pre-Convention)                   early bird rate: R1 750

Convention (2 day excl Pre-Convention)              early bird rate: R1 500

Pre-Convention only                                                     early bird rate: R 900



For more information contact Joseph de Villiers on (021) 659 5616 or


The 2016 convention will be a highly focused three-day event aimed at linking world-class minds in the health, fitness and sporting front. Aimed at all health professionals, fitness enthusiasts, coaches, trainers and as well as the sporting fraternity at large, this event will cover the following themes: 



Health and Wellness:

The Health Track at the SSISA Wellness and Fitness Convention boasts a number of exceptional researchers and speakers who will discuss the health consequences of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and how research in this field can be and is translated into practice to achieve population-wide impact and health equity. Speakers will also address the obesity - crisis, strength training for health and wellness and how social media  and peer support can shape behaviour.



Physical performance is dependent on the interaction of a variety of factors. Failure to maintain the balance between these factors will result in suboptimal performance, chronic fatigue and increased risk of injury. Speakers in this track will address these factors by presenting evidence based on a scientific approach. The main objective will be to discuss various aspects associated with performance and translating it into practice. 



Technology has become an integral part of everyday life. The latest innovations increasingly shape the health and wellness landscape, ultimately changing the way we behave and interact with the world.  This track will ensure you stay ahead of your game, and update you on the emerging technological trends in sport, health and wellness. 



In this day and age, astute skills is critical to starting or growing a business. This informative track will cover the business acumen of health, wellness and sport. Join local and international presenters as they address the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, models for funding a business, the impact of social media, the ethics around marketing for health professionals and other business related strategies.


Youth (Pre-Convention):

This year's convention will include a dedicated day focused on school sports, youth talent identification and development. Where do we start in developing our future Olympians? How do we create systems that develop future stars and active participants in a safe and effective way? At what stage is it appropriate to start specific forms of physical activity or to specialize in one sport? What role does talent identification play and at what age is it appropriate? There is much debate in the media on these topics but what contribution can science make in clarifying these complex topics? The objective is to present good quality science on the topic of youth development and translating it into practical messages which can be incorporated into programmes involving youth.