WPA Transport - SA Race Walking Championships
September 23, 2015  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
Further to the WPA Transport Policy presented at the WPA Council Meeting, please find below details pertaining to the SA Race Walking Championships where WPA will offer transport assistance to affiliated club members.

DATE:                   Saturday 10 October 2015
EVENT:                SA Race Walking Championships
VENUE:               Youngsfield Military Base, Wetton Road, Wetton

Please take note of the POLICY IMPLEMENTATION below:

           1.     Transport will be provided primarily as per the presented schedule.
           2.    Transport will be offered to those club members who do not have the means to get to and from WPA events    and meetings.
           3.     Transport will only be supplied if there are sufficient numbers requesting it.
           4.     Transport will only be supplied on a pre-determined route with limited or no deviation therefrom.
           5.     Transport will be offered on a first come first served basis.
           6.     The safety of members is paramount and no overloading will be permitted.
           7.     The office will manage, co-ordinate and communicate all aspects of this policy.

Should your club have athletes that require transport assistance, please send the following detail below through to Barbara office@wpathletics.co.za by no later than 11:00 on Thursday 8 October 2015.

Licence Number:
Date of Birth:
Collection Area / Point:

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting the WPA office.