NEED A SSISA JUMPSTART? We have the programme for you!
July 29, 2015  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
SSISA’s brand-new fun JUMPSTART programme will give you the spark to get off the couch and recharge those flat batteries!
With so many demands in our current lifestyles and people having expectations of us 24/7 – it’s pretty hard to find the time, energy and motivation to even think about being fit and active. That said, we KNOW it’s good for us and not only for our bodies but for our sanity too. Many of us long to be in shape, chirpier and more vibrant, not to mention - less tired! We admire others who seem to get that balance right, but have no clue where to even start. 

Research shows that those who exercise in a group – are far more likely to stick to a programme and remain fit.  It makes sense since humans are inherently social beings and we like to share experiences with like-minded people. It’s far easier celebrating highs and gritting it out through lows and tough workouts together. With this in mind, the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) is launching a brand new programme – JUMPSTART which is aimed at providing just what you need to spark you into action. Harnessing the power of group-based exercise and with dynamic, fun experts at the helm, JUMPSTART is designed to get you moving and invigorated by exercise. Our mission is to give you such a fun time - that you fall in love with the feel-good factor and become a life-long convert! Our groups develop amazing camaraderie and are sometimes the birthplace of great friendships.  So no more lounging around and sleeping your life away – we’ll take those zzz’s and turn them into Zest, Zing and Zeal!

JUMPSTART members will enjoy the following:
·       Instruction and support from a SSISA’s biokineticists and exercise scientists, with optional support from dietitians and psychologists.
·       A monthly talk from one of our experts.
·       Basic health and fitness assessments to track your progress as you transform from loafer to live-wire!
·       Three fun, weekly, 45 minute group-based exercise sessions, with lots of variety - exclusively for JUMPSTART members. Expect indoor/outdoor/gym classes – you name it – we’ll have it, with some classes selected by member votes!
·       Access to the Brand-ID online store, where you can enjoy discounted rates on a number of key sporting brands as a SSISA member.
·       Fun social media interaction for those who enjoy being connected 24/7.

Enough of BUT I CAN’T…..mail us today and let us JUMPSTART your life into a place you never want to leave. Are we passionate about making you fitter and healthier? YOU BET! The programme kicks off early September and space is limited, so contact us today on 021-659-5600; or visit