Foresters 15km event CANCELLED
June 24, 2015  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
Foresters 15km Race Scheduled for 25 July Cancelled
It is with much regret that we need to advise you of the cancellation of the Foresters Race scheduled for 25 July 2015, due mainly to our inability to secure a suitable venue for the race.
As you are aware, we opted for an alternate date when last year we decided to postpone our race due mainly to the exorbitant fees being requested by SANParks for us to make use of the Tokai Forest.
Furthermore, whilst we had hoped to reroute the race through the local vineyards, the proximity of our race date to that of the Grape Run (one week apart) we decided to opt for a mid-year date.
Unfortunately, the recent fires on the mountain have totally excluded our access to the Forest, even if we were to pay the levy, and the local vineyards have not been receptive to our requests to use their property.
Logistical problems such as parking and other facilities are constraints relating to the wine farms, as is the fact that we would be using their facilities too early in the day for them to benefit financially from our presence. They are also asking a fee for use of their properties which is similar to that which SANParks want.
We have also tried to find other venues, but thus far none have proven suitable, given the low cost, no frills nature of our event.
Gavin Wright
072 1427263
Running Club