November 6, 2014  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
As many of you will know, prior to the start of the above event each year, a list of road runners in the Western Cape who have passed away (of which we are aware) are read out in their memory.
For 2014, it is proposed to read out only those
(a)    Who have passed away from January 2010 to date.
(b)   Others who have passed away before that, whose club requests the name to be read out
It has been known that some family members of those deceased specially come out to the race to hear the names
In this regard we need your assistance.
1.       Please let us have a list of those road runners that have passed away from your club during the period January 2010 – date
2.       Kindly let us have a list of the extra names that you would like to be read out.
Your assistance by replying to before 15th December 2014 will be appreciated.
Best wishes over the festive season

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Kind Regards

Stephan Roux
Race Convener, Edgemead Runners