First Ascent Forest 15km
August 31, 2014  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
It is with regret that Foresters needs to inform you that the 2014 edition of the First Ascent Forest 15km will not be taking place on 25 October 2014
We have come to this decision after lengthy deliberation after considering all possibilities to try and save the event

The reasons for our decision are as follows:

• SANParks are insisting on a levy of R50 per runner for our event.
As you are aware we have in the past not charged an entry fee for our race, preferring rather to take donations in lieu of an entry fee for the Victoria Hospital Children’s Ward

Our average donations received per runner over the last few years averages out at R44.00 per runner. In order to cover the SANParks levy, we would be forced to charge for the race. In order to make a reasonable donation to the Hospital we would need to charge in the region of R100 per athlete to participate in the event. Given the low key nature of the race, with no water on the route, no hand-outs etc., we feel that to charge this would be unreasonable.  That is excluding the cost of a temporary licence as well.

In addition, given the precedent set in previous years we would expect that a number of athletes would turn up at the race with insufficient money to enter the event, and we would then have to either prevent them from running or to subsidise their entries, both of which are not feasible.

• We considered changing the venue and route, and the most plausible option we could come up with which would carry on the theme of the race would be to run in the surrounding vineyards. The problem with that option is that the Grape Run takes place the week before our event, which obviously is not ideal.

• We  will therefore  be applying for a new date in July 2015, which will enable us to host an event and to collect donations once again for the Victoria Hospital Children’s Ward.

Yours in running

Gavin Wright
Foresters Running Club.