John Korasie 30km - Apology
August 17, 2014  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
On behalf of the SANDF(WP) Club we would like to apologise for not having enough water at the John Korasie 30km race.
The amount of runners exceeded our wildest expectations and we had nearly double the amount of runners that we have had in all the other years.  The amount of entries together with excellent weather (which we are not used to in Simon's Town this time of the year), resulted in us not being prepared in having enough water for all the runners.  We tried to be reactive by buying water from Seven Eleven and transporting it to the runners, but unfortunately the damage was done already.

We will ensure that this does not happen again, and will be more pro active in future.

Hoping to see you all again next year.

Mickey Trauernicht
Chairperson SANDF(WP) Athletic Club