June 9, 2014  

Supplied by Tracy Abrahams from wpa2015
Western Province Athletics is committed to increasing and improving junior and youth athletics within the Western Province.
One of the key roles of WPA is to create opportunities for participation in athletics; our plan aims not only to achieve the stated objectives but also to make enormous strides in development within our affiliated clubs and communities.

This weekend saw WPA distribute 183 brand new pairs of shoes at the Cross Country League at Koeberg. This initiative forms part of the Kids Athletics Programme, which ensures a steady and sustainable policy for developing the sport of athletics. It introduces young children to athletics in an attractive, accessible and instructive manner. The objectives of the programme are to introduce kids to all aspects of athletics in a non-threatening, fun way that is specific to the ages of the children. Instead of merely mimicking adult athletics the Kids Athletics Programme is competed in teams and allows each child to participate in each event without being judged or measured against his/her teammates. The Kids Athletics Programme introduces kids to all concepts of athletics - Running, Jumping and Throwing.

It aims to build the fabric of our society by promoting physical activity, human values, fighting poverty, crime, deprivation and social ills by working together through effective and supportive partnerships.

May these shoes encourage our young athletes to achieve even greater results.