Attacks in southern suburbs
February 12, 2014  

Supplied by WPA Admin from wpa2015
Clubs are requested to warn their members of a recent spate of attacks on pedestrians, including runners, in the last few days.
Correspondence received today :

There were 3 incidences yesterday regarding pedestrians attacked and robbed by cars cruising past, checking the victim then turning around and robbing and sometimes stabbing if there is resistance.
The criminal activity has increased dramatically over the past few months, especially between Main Road and the M3.

A Southfield resident out for his morning run, was jogging at the intersection of Main and Silverhurst in Bergvliet when he suddenly noticed a c/male approach him. This male asked him for the time. When he replied that he was not wearing a watch, the robber suddenly attacked him demanding his cell phone and cash. He managed to fight off his attacker, but not before he sustained an approximately 14cm cut to his forearm from a large knife being used by the robber. The robber, described as a c/male, slender, early twenties ran off in the direction of Swaanswyk school, empty handed. The jogger called SAPS who quickly searched the area but sadly with no luck. SAPS members assisted to stem the bleeding then transported the resident to the hospital where he was seen to by doctors.
During the search, newspaper bill board hanging staff reported that they too had encountered this robber who had unsuccessfully tried to rob them of their personal belongings.

So safety in numbers. Running alone isn't a good idea at the moment, ESPECIALLY females.
Runners also need to be aware of their surroundings and watch out for this type of activity. Hence ear plugs and MP3 music players are also reducing this ability to sense danger and increase your chance of being a target.

Although the above incidents have taken place in the southern suburbs, the advice is relevant wherever you live.
Please be careful.

WPA Road Running Commission