2014 licences due 01 Feb
January 29, 2014  

Supplied by WPA Admin from wpa2015
Please remind your members that the 2013 licences are no longer valid from this coming Friday 31 January. 2014 licences are required from 01 February, which means the Lion of Africa 21km/10km.
If members have not yet got their new numbers by then they will have to purchase a temporary licence for the day. Disqualification and a fine are applicable for failing to use valid licences.

It is also important to stress that BOTH permanent licences must be worn (front and back).
Rumours circulating that only one licence is required are not true. (Athletics Gauteng North has only issued their members with one permanent licence, but that is irrelevant to us).
If a race issues a race number then it should be worn over the ASA licence on the front of the vest. However this is only applicable to a few races through the year, so always assume that both licences are required. This will normally be mentioned on the race flyer.


WPA Road Running and Technical Officials