Coca Cola League Races
September 26, 2013  

Supplied by WPA Admin from wpa2015
Further to the 2014 Fixtures Meeting held on 27 August 2013 and correspondence received, it is very apparent that there is a distinct requirement to re-establish Road Running unique meetings, in addition to the general Council meetings. At the Road Running Commission meeting held on 2 October 2013 it was decided to re-establish regular formal Road Running meetings at a periodicity, dates and times to be established by the incoming commission.
The first Road Running meeting will have to discuss the allocation and the subsequent promulgation of the 2014 Coca Cola League races and WPA Championships. Unfortunately the meeting can not be called fast enough to provide clubs with an indication as to which events will be allocated league status in November and December 2013, as well as to give sufficient time to respective Organisers to produce their flyers. The members of Road Running Commission have therefore used statistical data and observations to make a decision.

The Coca Cola League races for November and December 2013 are:

02 November 2013 - Elsies River 10km - based on this being the least supported race in November with fields of 320 to 420 for the last 3 years. ACSA and Burgundy were not considered as these will be inaugural events and therefore unknown factors.

16 December 2013 - RCS Gugulethu Reconciliation 10km - while participation in this event is growing, from 813 in 2009 to 917 in 2012, it still lags behind the other events held on weekends and Public Holidays in December.