Race Organisers Symposium
August 21, 2012  

Supplied by WPA Admin from wpa2015
The Race Organizers Symposium held last Saturday was attended by 37 people representing 24 different clubs. Unfortunately there are 59 clubs that organize road races, so we still have a way to go to get everyone together !
We would like to thank the team from the City of Cape Town Events Office for giving up their time to join us.

A number of the presentations have been loaded on the WPA website www.wpa.org.za under Disciplines/Road Running/Race Organisers Symposium
The WPA Domestic Rules as well as the Race Organisers’ Manual can also be found on the same page.

It was generally felt that the session was worthwhile and that another meeting will be held in the not too distant future to share best practices in the areas of medical and other service providers.

Thank you to Chris Dooner for his efforts in putting the session together.


WPA Road Running Commission