February 3, 2012  

Supplied by WPA Admin from wpa2015
Galway ultra-runner, Richard Donovan, is attempting to become the first person to run seven marathons in seven continents in under five days, all in aid of GOAL's efforts to alleviate the suffering of people affected by famine and drought in the Horn of Africa.
After completing a marathon on mainland Antarctica, Richard hopped on a Russian cargo plane on a scheduled flight to Cape Town. Once in Cape Town, he literally had a mere 9 hours to disembark the plane, leave the airport, run the Aca Joe Cape Town Marathon and return to check in for his next flight to Sao Paulo.

In very windy conditions, Richard successfully completed the marathon in 4:23:51 along with his running companions Cole Stanton, Paul Britain and David Fox.

Cape Town represented only the second leg of his World Marathon Challenge, he now sets off to Sao Paulo (South America), Orlando (North America), London (Europe), Hong Kong (Asia) and lastly Sydney (Australia). The hope is to finish his seventh and final marathon by 19:00 Sydney time on 6th February, thereby managing to complete the marathons in less than 5 days, or a mere 120 hours.