WPA technical officials oversee the running of all WPA events. All officials have passed qualification courses. They ensure that events are of a high technical standard. They enforce rules, judge placings, record times, check equipment, and generally see that organisational standards are met. Team and age category rule clarifications.

Team Prizes

Only athletes in club colours count for team prizes.


Temp license runners count for team prizes if they are wearing club colours. Athletes with license numbers from another province do NOT count for local teams, even if they are wearing the local club colours (they must buy a local license or else they only count for the individual prizes).


  • Foreign athletes do not count for team prizes, even if they are wearing local club colours. ASA rules put the onus on the club to inform the officials if a certain athlete is not eligible for the team.
  • Athletes that move from another province must get clearance from their old Province before a local club may accept them. Athletes that move between local clubs must have clearance from the old club before they may join a new club.

Open vs Senior Age Category

The prizes for the overall winners of the race must always be OPEN (i.e. anyone can win). A few races also offer Senior prizes. It is NOT necessary to wear age category tags for Senior competition. ANYONE not wearing an age tag is deemed to be in the Senior category if there is one, or only counts for the Open prizes.


Technical Officials Committee Meeting Dates:

30 May 2016

27 June 2016

25 July 2016 – Placement meeting (August 2016 – January 2017)

29 August 2016

26 September 2016

24 October 2016

28 November 2016

Venue:     Vygieskraal Stadium

Time:       19H00











Electronic Timing Course

Cables layout







24 – 26 May 2016


In Season - October 2016



18h00 – 20h00



M. Meyer

M. Skinner


Parow Track

Course Measuring Course


16 July 2016

08h00 – 12h00

G. Wright

RR / CC Timekeeping Course


19 / 20 July 2016

18h00 – 20h00

K. Harlock  

N. Abels

ASA RR / CC Level 1


Road Running


Cross Country


6 – 7 August 2016






C. Goldschmidt


B. Oliver


ASA TF Level 1


General Competition rules

Officials / Track Events

Practical session


Combined events


General Conditions

Throwing events


General Conditions

Jumping  events


Practical session


20 – 21 August 2016










C. Le Roux


J. Arendse

N. Abels




G. Burgess



C. Le Roux



·         VENUES – tbc

To book your place, or for further information, please contact the WPA Office 021 699 0615 /


2016 - 2017 Commission Members

Chairperson Mr Gavin Burgess
Secretary Ms Nazema Abels
Additional Members Mr Mandy Skinner
  Ms Kaltoema Benjamin
  Ms Neliswa Ntusi
  Mr Neville Williams
  Ms Johanna Arendse
Commission Representatives:
Road Running Mr Chris Goldschmidt
Cross Country Ms Nazema Abels
Race Walking Ms Charlotte Kettlewell
Track & Field Mr Cedric Van Wyk